Solitude as Opportunity for Rest in Daily Life

Despite individuals' circumstances, one consistent factor across an adult's lifespan is the benefit of solitude: time spent alone creates a unique opportunity for rest, emotion regulation, and creative hobbies. To reclaim solitude is to recognise the benefit it has on our well-being, and to overcome preconceived norms and attitudes that modern society has attached to this experience.

The proposed research aims to examine how life transitions during adulthood post new challenges around the time that we spend alone. Observations of solitude across an adult's lifespan suggest that how much solitude an individual has and how they cope with it often depend on individuals' life situations, such as their occupations, social roles, or workforce participation. As people get older, time spent in solitude increases, perception of this time evolves, and the meanings of solitude might vary.

Funder: Economic and Social Research Council (New Investigator)

Grant period: 36 months

Start date: June 2022

I will be hiring one 2-year postdoctoral research assistant and one 9-month postgraduate research assistant for this project. More on that soon...