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Solitude and Technology

Many people suspect that social media infringe upon our solitude. In this project, we examine whether that is the case, and look at how social media use during time spent alone affects people's experiences in solitude.

For this project, I have collected data for two experiment studies (one within-person design with counterbalancing and one between-person design) and one diary study when I was at University of Rochester. Upon taking on my post at University of Durham, I ran two more experiments (one correlational and one within-person design). The main aim is to investigate whether the presence of social media, either active using or passive browsing, changes young adults' experiences with solitude in any way. 

I present the preliminary findings from my first two experiments at SPSP 2020:

Nguyen, T. T.* (February 2020). Solitude in the digital age: Does social media add to or take away our solitude?. Symposium presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Personality, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. *Symposium chair. Presentation slides:

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