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Understanding experiences of
living-alone adults

In Spring 2022, we reviewed the literature on how societal norms and the living space affect the experiences of people who live alone. Click here to see preprint.

Built on this review, we carried out interviews with 24 adults between the age of 27 and 87. Participants signed up for the "Your Home and Neighbourhood" project. Nine participants were interviewed in person, 3 on the phone, and 12 online via Microsoft Team. Participants were asked about their solo living experiences, daily activities, and their experiences with where they live. While most of our participants live in large towns, urban or suburban spaces, a few live in small towns, village, and the countryside.

Our undergraduate research assistants are currently reading and analysing the stories that we have collected from the participants.


Post-graduate RA:

Ellen Taylor-Bower, MPhil

Undergraduate RAs:

Elleanor Allen

Christina Cuming

Liz Heyndrickx

Yuhan Hu

Zige Huang

Katie Yau

Artemis Kwok

Aida Rosnan

Eunice Wu

Mingyao Xiong

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